le yoga dans la quarantaine

I do yoga about a dozen times a year, which is just slightly less than I exercise and which is a shame because I currently pay a fee every two weeks to Movati (which is an amazing facility that feels a lot like a spa) but haven't gone to since my best friend and hot yoga partner Susan left for an amazing work opportunity overseas. Anyway...

Yesterday (not a New Years resolution - just a promise to myself  to do better), I made it to a hot yoga class and it was not pretty, not pretty at all. Every yoga pose felt not-so-limber.

Kind of like Lego.

In fact, doing yoga when you’re in your forties is a lot like doing yoga when each of your joints moves only one way...like Lego. I was hoping the heat of the room and the abundance of New Years resolutions yoga attendees would help to loosen the ol body but no such luck.

Let me create a visual for you...it looks a little something like this...

Susan returns this summer and if I keep at it until her return, perhaps I'll be a little more limber then your average piece of Lego! 


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