Every Pebble, Rock and Stone

Amongst the million faces that we see everyday, how many do we actually recognize? 

Every single person, hiding a tale, every single person withstanding some pain. You can understand only what a stranger wants you to understand. Masking the burden with a true smile, a simple cover to hide the true identity of their pain. 

And yet, every single shadow is different. Every person has a different pain. A pain more or less exclusive to that person. A pain people need to endure and rise up from. A pain that no matter what you do, will be healed only when the person is truly ready to face and overcome it. And no one knows how long will that take... a month, a year, a decade? And it's so amazing that no matter what the materialistic world offers on the outside, your heart knows what it's holding on to...just like a jewellery box...all the precious jewels and ornaments kept safely inside to save them from the outside damages; but what about the damage caused when two jewellery pieces of distinct nature rub against each other in that same jewellery box? Our heart is like a jewellery box too. It does the same. Keeping precious memories and feelings inside it, safe from the outside world that doesn't understand it and always having two different memories brush against each other. But how long can you hold on? Until it's time to let go. Until it's always a time to let go.

But the things that no one can take away from you...the memories that you created, the memories that were given to you, your feelings, your emotions, your sentiments attached... will always surround you...outside and inside your heart...governing your behaviour psychologically. How much of it do we actually realize? Caught up in the busy world, if only people would stop and think about it.

I talk about those that don't fall in the common category of easy living and smooth sailing life. It's all about the people to whom life means something and living means a little more than something. Every stone endures the changing season, the rough path...a stone. Always in search of a destination. Always settings examples. All you need to do is look. Look at the story of every pebble, rock, stone. And then look at your own story. Nothing will be the same. Every stone has a different story to share, all it requires is someone to hear it out! 

Felted pebbles, rocks and stones by Folk Fairy via Etsy


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