Weekend Recap in Pictures

1. Getting ready to lead up Birthday Ridge 
2. Leading
3. Cabin fun 
4. View of the cliff from the boat 
5. Last pitch of One Pine 
6. The cliff at the narrows 
7. Boat ride 
8. Napping 
9. The view from One Pine

10. 30 second dance party 150 feet up the side of a cliff


  1. What a beautiful place! You are such a firecracker! I need a 1/4 of your energy and I would be happy camper. LOL

  2. You do such great things!! I am so impressed. I miss hiking and being outdoors. Haven't been outside much lately.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. Why is this called Birthday Ridge? Do you ever invite people to tag along?

  4. you rock. you have such an energy about you, janet. I love it. <3 thinking of you and sending love. xoxox


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