Funny Face Friday

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. You are so funny! Our weekend plans are crazy busy! our Realtor is coming tomorrow! then I have a photo shoot at a bed and breakfast then I have to drive to Indiana to stay the night because I have a wedding photography consult at 9 am the next morning! What are you and Adam doing!?

    1. are busy! Good luck with the realtor and drive safe! I'm off to Bon Echo to rock climb and Adam is staying at home to rest up and do some gardening.

  2. Love these pictures :) Thanks for the giggles! We have J's company picnic tomorrow - thankfully the weather should cooperate...only in the low 90's F - better than the years when it's been 100+!! Enjoy Bon Echo :)

  3. I cannot wait until the boys are just a little older and think these are half as funny as I do! Though I find your rock climbing to be CRAZY scary, it sounds more fun than the loads of dirt and bark that need to be moved for our weekend landscaping project! Have a good one!

  4. the last one is my favorite! thank you for always making me laugh, smile, cry, feel emotion. <3 you are awesome!


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