Janet Analyzes Hip Hop

I think today’s hip-hop music gets a bad rap.

Go ahead, take as long as you need to laugh at my hilarious pun. I’ll be here when you get back.

Seriously, though, rappers are often accused of objectifying women or glamorizing things (bad things), through their music. And while I do not mean to make light of any of these offenses...I think rappers and their songs are just misunderstood. If you listen closely to the words of their songs, you will find they are replete with humor, love, chivalry, and even exercise instructions.

Don't believe me? Let me share the words of a popular rap song, and you will soon see what I mean.

Let’s begin with "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull.

The song is partly in English and partly in Spanish and begins with:

"Haha Its Mr. 305 checkin' in for the remix, you know that S 75 Street Brazil? Well this year gon be called Calle Ocho, Hahahaha"

Okay, I have no idea what this means, but there is a "haha" and a "hahahaha", and I know that means something is funny. And laughter is contagious. I don’t have to know what I’m laughing about in order to laugh. See, I’m doing it now. Ha ha ha. Hee hee hee.

Next is the chorus:

"One-two-three-four Uno-do'-tres-cuatro I know you want me (want me) you know I want cha (want cha) I know you want me you know I want cha (want cha)"

Now here’s something I didn't mention. The songs can be educational. See, we're learning how to count in Spanish. And the whole, I want you, you want me thing...well, there’s nothing quite like unrequited love.

Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Umm…I’m really not sure what the rest of the song is saying. Even the parts in English.

"6 to tha clock, on my way to the top uh, Pit got it locked from brews to the locker, All I.P uh, big and packer, That he's not, but damn he's hot, label fly but Pit wont stop, got her in the car, quit playin' with his (Como?) watch him make a movie like Albert Hitchcock, ha Enjoy Me"

Huh? Let’s try some more.

"Mami got an ass like a donkey, with a monkey, look like King Kong, welcome to the crib, 305 thats what it is, with a woman down ya s*** dont play games, they up the chain, and they let her do everythang and anythang, hit tha thang and they love it gettin' it in, gettin' on, all night long"

Okay, I still have no idea what he’s talking about. But, oh, oh...he mentions donkeys and monkeys, so clearly an animal lover...That’s always a good thing.

The song continues. There’s some stuff in Spanish and more of the chorus, a lot more of the chorus, and, well, I really don't understand most of it.

Not the best example of my theory you may be saying, but let’s review, shall we? We laughed a little, learned some Spanish, the guy wants me, I want him, and he likes animals. ‘Nuf said.


Disclaimer - If you notice any lyrical errors, know that I copied the words to these songs from a website. I checked several different sources to make sure I was as accurate as possible, but there were some discrepancies. Apparently I am not the only one who has no idea what the heck these rappers are talking about.

P.S. Yes...I am totally avoiding any talk of my hostile uterus which is still currently...hostile. Perhaps I'll get back to this part of my life soon...just need a break....ya know?


  1. Oh my goodness this is so funny!! hahaha I always tell my husband that hip hop lost me when the song "In those Jeans" came out. I love how you broke it down lol.

    Thinking of you <3

  2. I totally LOLed at the opening pun. Amazing. And now I don't feel so bad for never understanding what Pit Bull is saying...it doesn't even make sense when you DO know!!

  3. Pitbull is my favorite to work out and dance to! I have no idea what he is saying (does he even know?), but I don't care. His songs are just so catchy!


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