It's A Zoo Up In Here

I thought sea monkeys were just about the only animal I could grow on my own, but I learned something new today and as a result... I'm planning to grow my own zoo! 

And I like to start big, so I got some giraffe seeds. Actually, what I purchased claims to be a herd starter kit, but I don’t know how they can guarantee that I’ll get both a girl and a boy. Still! Think of having two or three giraffes! I hope I don’t over water, which is usually how I roll.

And because giraffes are rather placid, I also picked up some rattlesnake eggs to keep things balanced. For now I'm following the instructions and keeping them in a cool place to avoid hatching (easy to do—it feels like the world is nothing but cool places), but as soon as it gets a little warmer I've got big plans for these guys, and for my entire back yard!

Giraffe Animal Art by Stephanie Powell via Etsy


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