Thirty Two Weeks & Bed Rest Continues

Yesterday marked week thirty two...eight months pregnant!

I've had this page open for most of the afternoon...a blank white page staring back at me. I just can't seem to articulate how I'm feeling. I wish I could tell you that life is full of sunshine and lollipops but truth be told...I'm struggling both physically and emotionally. 

I had my growth ultrasound and OB appointment on Wednesday and all did not go the way I was hoping that it would. First up...ultrasound. Baby boy looked great and was doing his usual dance routine but his growth has dropped from the 50th percentile down to the 35th percentile. Two weeks ago, he was 3lbs 3 oz...this time he was 3lbs 10oz (we were hoping to see him at or around 4lbs). This could be a result of my marginal cord insertion and the start of the placenta not doing it's job as well as it should be. My OB assured me that although his growth has slowed...he's still doing very well.

Baby boy ~ 31 weeks 6 days

The other piece of not too good news is that I lost 1 cm of cervical length in the two weeks between appointments. Not what I was expecting. My OB did want to do an exam and my cervix is pretty soft...again, not what we want at 32 weeks but what's encouraging is that it's still very posterior with no dilation or funneling. 

What does all of this mean? It means that my bed rest continues for at least the next week. I go back next Wednesday for a biophysical profile of baby and a cervix check. I've also lost half a pound between appointments so my goal this week is to eat, eat and eat! 

I guess all I can do in the meantime is hang tight and try and maintain my sanity. Turns out...I'm not so good at the laying around all day. I find that it's really starting to affect my mood and Adam sadly, seems to be paying the price for it. I must admit...I have not been my usual easy going self these past couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward to feeling like my old self again!

32 week belly

Any tips on how to maintain my sanity while on bed rest? I'm all ears!


  1. There's a bed rest babes thread on some site...

    Get into a series, a fun one. Either books or movies. I was in the middle of reading Games of Thrones do that was good.

    Make something for the baby...a birth announcement? Learn to crochet? I also did both during the NICU stay.

    Bed rest is harder than it sounds. Hang in there!

  2. I imagine bed rest would be a tough gig! I get uncomfortable doing any one thing for more than an hour at a time. I wish I had tips for you...but what Mrs. Green Grass said sounds good. Making something for your little guy could be fun! Best wishes to you that bed rest gets easier and your baby boy keeps growing all the way to term!

  3. I was never on true bedrest, but because I didn't work while I was pregnant with the boys, I did my fair share of laying around. Tv series on netflix saved my life- I watched every episode of private practice and grey's anatomy between pregnancy and the nursing-two-babies-every-waking-minute phase of infancy :) sending lots of good thoughts your way for baby boy to continue growing inside for several more weeks!


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