Thirty One Weeks

This week marks a momentous occasion in my pregnancy journey...

I am now in week 31 of being pregnant. Next week I will enter the eighth month of pregnancy. We are down to single figures! In only 9 weeks, *fingers crossed* we should be graced with the arrival of our beautiful blue bundle of joy. The anticipation and excitement is unbearable...I can't want to meet him! When I look at the numbers, I think I should be more anxious and freaked out. I am very surprised that I feel really calm about it all. Even more so now that I am on bed rest and have plenty of time to think...and think...and think...about things.

Why am I so calm? Why do I not feel anxious? I'm not too sure but I do know this...I am actually rather enjoying this moment in my life. 

I think I'm not anxious because I physically feel quite well. 

The reasons that I don’t feel uncomfortable all of the time; I have a very supportive and knowledgeable partner, I am not working full time, and I have not gained a lot of extra weight. It is amazing how much of a burden it takes off of your shoulders to have a competent, helpful, supportive partner. I hear other people talk about their unsuppportive partners and I appreciate Adam even more. Not working full time and being able to sleep in when I've been awakened every 2 hours to pee, or being able to eat small meals all day and being able to lay down and put my feet up whenever I want really helps create an environment of very little discomfort. Up until now I've gained 22 pounds and overall, it feels very manageable. Don’t get me wrong, it is still uncomfortable to get up from laying down or bend over to put on my shoes but overall...not too shabby.

This week also marks 9 days of modified bed I'm doing mentally/emotionally will have to wait for another day. In the meantime....31 week belly...

Have a wonderful weekend you beautiful people!


  1. You are one of the most gorgeous pregnant ladies I've ever seen!! I am SO glad you are feeling so well!!

  2. You look beautiful! So very, very happy for you and Adam!

  3. You look great. I didn't work during my pregnancy, and it was such a gift. It was special to have ample time to soak it all in and really nurture myself and my babies. Happy 31 weeks, you are getting so close!

  4. You looks AMAZING, so happy to see you and baby doing well!

  5. Love your belly shots! Hope you had a great weekend. And congrats on 31 weeks.

  6. So much joy in these photos! Love it!


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