In Case You Were Wondering

Lately I have noticed that I've lost a few followers and that's really is...I realize that one can only listen to my ridiculous ranting for so long. I get it. No judging here. Poor Adam on the other hand...has to live with it every day so let's all feel bad for Adam...ahhhhh...hugs to Adam. 

I know that lately I've not been blogging about infertility and treatment but...Yes, this blog it still about my life and our struggle for baby JaAdam. There just isn't a lot going on that is worthy of conversation. Every day I take my DHEA and vitamins. I'll repeat Day 3 blood work and Day 5 antral follicle count ultrasound with my next cycle but at the moment we are kind of in a holding pattern until I have surgery November 1st. 

Infertility is still very much at the forefront and yes, I still think about it every single day but I've decided that it doesn't and isn't going to rule my life. It's not going to prevent me from seeing my friends that have new babies and it certainly is not going to prevent me from spending time with my pregnant friends.

I've accepted that I cannot change the situation that we find ourselves in and I've accepted that where we are at this moment is just where we is what it is. 

So in the meantime...I am just going to go with the flow, live my life and continue my ridiculous banter. I do hope though that you stick with me.


  1. I am a relatively new follower and your "ridiculous banter" is why I decided to follow you after reading a few of your posts when I stumbled on your blog :)

  2. You can't get rid of me that easily. I am agoin' nowhere. I love your angle on life and the wonderful randomness of your posts.

  3. I'm here to stay too. I loved your toilet paper blog! I tried to comment, but it didnt work on the mobile, and I just don't seem to get to a desktop computer much these days.
    Silver dollar

  4. i'm here as always! sorry for the lack of commenting lately. i plan on being better soon.

  5. I'll still be here. I love your crazy, fun banter about your life outside of IF. But I do appreciate the update on what's happening (or not happening) with your baby making plans.


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