A Quick Reflection

In my head, I'm all "whatever, it's almost New Year's Eve again." But if I'm honest with myself, 2012 was a rather intense year and I'm glad it's coming to a close.

2013...I don't know what to say to you except...good luck? 

Yes. Good luck topping what was a very hard and very rewarding year – all bundled into one messy package. I simply resolve to keep going...keep working, keep trying new things, keep meeting new people.

Off we go, my friends. Thanks for keeping me company on the journey, and cheers to a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Print by Flourish Cafe via Etsy


  1. Heres to a new year with all kinds of possibilities!

  2. I hope 2013 is kinder to all of us than 2012 was! Kiss our asses 2012!


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