Oh Christmas Tree

We finally did it...decorated our Christmas tree that is.

The poor thing had been standing in the corner, pretty much naked with all of her branches hanging out wearing nothing but a star on her head for over a week. It was about time we showed some respect!

This is our fifth Christmas as Janet & Adam (yes, Janet must always appear first when referring to us as a couple)  and we have yet to...

a) Agree on a real tree versus an artificial tree
b) How we would like said tree decorated
c) The perfect location for the tree

In short...we've both compromised on all three of these points and when I say "we" what I really mean is Adam seeing as this year and last years tree was artificial, decorated with my stuff and where I wanted it...but anyway...last night as I was putting the finishing touches on the tree, Adam excitedly remembered that he had some decorations in the basement in a bin. This was news to me and now I was interested.

Downstairs he ran and up came "The box"

From left to right...Lightbulb Nanny, Coca-Cola polar bear, Daffy Duck, Mr. Frog, Ms. Fish...who I LOVE...I mean those lips and wee little mailbox hedgehog.

I must admit, at first I was judgey and harsh but as we pulled them out of the boxes and placed them on the tree...it hit me...we have found the theme for the "JaAdam Tree". 

Tacky & Ridiculous

It's now our mission to find the most insane, out there and all around silly, wild, tacky and ridiculous ornaments. Next years tree is going to be awesome!

Oh Christmas Tree
What about you...what's your Christmas tree theme?


  1. We pull out Al's childhood ornament box every year. Infact we have one ornament that is a snowman made out of old coin purse.

  2. I love it! I always thought my parent's tree looked like christmas threw up on it (they still hang the hand made cut outs of our hands decorated with glitter)... tacky but lovely I think.

  3. Love.It.
    Ours is a multi coloured baubles and lights only jobby. Not really a theme but looks lovely!

  4. I love the tacky and ridiculous. My friend always has the best tree - all the same colors and very gorgeous and elegant. We, on the other hand, start with a theme of gold and red (lights and bulbs) but then we have all the ornaments we have collected over the years or people have given to us and the nice theme gets all mucked up. But, honestly, when i look at my tree i think family & love & warmth, not a tree that is on stage in a hotel somewhere. I think your tree is the same :)


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