Do I Dye? Seriously...I Need Your Advice

My first adventure with hair dye happened as a twelve year old in junior in high school. My sister (who is five years older) was in high school and one of her classes was cosmetology. It seemed that I was an easy target, I mean model, to test out her skills on. Tina assured me that after she was had worked her magic (experimented with me) I would look amazing. Yeah...that didn't quite happen. What did happen was that I looked like a perpetually terrified tabby cat sporting bold orange stripes. There is photographic evidence of this but I'm not quite ready to share. Perhaps one day.

It would be two years before I was brave enough to try again. I remember that my friend Tammy and I bought two bottles and quietly tip toed upstairs to my bathroom,  giggling about how "dangerous" we were for buying dye that lasted 24 washes that was pretty much identical to the hair color we were already sporting. My parents couldn't tell...nor could any of my classmates the day after (much to my disappointment), until I pulled my hair up and showed them the one partially discolored section by my neck...but the feeling of change, as minor as it was, felt really good. After that, the sky was the limit. 

Here’s the thing...I've been "off the bottle" for a few months now. It would seem that when one is immersed in fertility treatments...lots of things fall off the rails and my hair was no exception. 

It's been long enough that my natural color of medium brown has actually taken over a majority of my scalp, and the past dye (dark brown) has faded enough to seem agreeable...except...the gray is now taking over! I find it hiding, poking staright up thus giving itself away.
While part of me wants to embrace the gray, the other part of me is cringing at the thought of a full head of gray hair. It all boils down to...I'm just not ready. That by accepting the gray, I am accepting that I am getting older...perhaps even too old to have a baby.
I’m on the fence, I’d love some advice from you – should I stick with what my DNA gave me, or should I embrace a minor upgrade or change? Have you had any misadventures with hair dye? Come on, you can admit it. We've all friends here!
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  1. I dye. If not, I am abou 50% gray. It started when I was 21. Most people look great and can pull it off, except me :-)

  2. I laughed so hard reading this post. When I saw the title "Do I dye" I was thinking you were going to ask if you should do an HSG. Clearly, I've been undergoing infertility treatments for far too long now. LOL!!!!

  3. I vote don't do it! My aunt is 100% gray and it's beautiful. A friend of my mom's just started to transition her's too. I think it's looks great and I haven't dyed mine because I intend to rock it.

  4. Dye! No question about it! You are in your thirties, who can possibly look good at that age with gray hair???? No way! You HAVE to cover those! xo


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