Weekend Recap in Pictures

This weekend we spent some time at my sister's as well as making the trek into the Big City for the annual Adam's family Christmas get together. Sadly, we've missed the past couple of years...so I'm very happy that were able to make it this year. 

As always, it was a pleasure to spend some time with family that we don't get to see often enough.

Saturday morning peppermint mocha
I love, love this family tradition! Everyone has their name attached to a ribbon that's attached to a bag of goodies in the box. On "Merry Christmas" everyone pulls their ribbon at the same time and out pops your bag of treats
I woke up Sunday morning to this...
So I crawled back into bed
My brother in law hard at work in the pouring rain...mean while...Adam & my sister were hard at work shopping online
Baron wonders "Are they shopping for my Christmas treats?"
Wet drive home...
Bubble baths and roaring fires...It feels so good to be home

How was your weekend?


  1. That gift box idea is brilliant! I love the pic of fire, it is perfect for that wet cold weather. Here in Oklahoma we are breaking records. Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees! I am ready to get my fireplace going again.

    1. 80 degress...I think I just cried a little Toni!

  2. Lovely lovely weekend. I am glad you made it too, the photos are gorgeous.

  3. Love love love the photo's and the sting tradition sounds so fun! Mmm peppermint mocha's are the best on a cold day! If only it would get cold here in Ohio it 67 flippin degrees today! I am not happy about it one bit! Send some cold and snow my way would ya!

    1. I'd send the cold your way but it's warming up to 59 degrees today...not cool!

  4. I've been wanting a peppermint mocha so bad lately! I love the gift box idea too. We spent the weekend watching movies since my husband actually had a Saturday and Sunday off for once.

  5. oh do you have a real fire place? i am so jealous!

    1. Yes and I love it! Hearing the crackle is my favourite!


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