Have you ever just found yourself suddenly asking the universe the ultimate burning question...How did I get here?

What I mean is, you just wake up one day, or it just randomly occurs to you...What frigginhappened? How did I get here?

This is where I am today. 

I'm in a weird place.

Today is 11DPO.

I'm sad at both the thought of not bringing a new life into this world and bringing a new life into this world. 

The world is a beautiful place but the world is also a scary place.

While it may seem overwhelming, I'm at least taking comfort in the fact that I'm pretty sure I am not the only one - I'm not the only person who often wonders...

"What – in this godforsaken world – has frigging happened?"

Stars universe woodland art photograph by LupenGrainne via Etsy


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