Dream Jobs

It’s really important to aim high in life and set some realistic goals...and some not so realistic goals. When you decide what you want to do with your life and design your ultimate dream job, you must go after it as if imaginary rats are nipping at your heels. You may look a little weird but at least you are chasing your dreams!

Here is a list of ultimate dream jobs that me and my voices came up with at 3 am:

  • Wedding Planner for people who want really, really bad weddings
  • Australian Accent Coach
  • A Kardashian – the one that has trouble keeping up
  • Grammar Rodeo Clown
  • Master of the Universe
  • A Manager at a Shelter for Homeless Shopping Trolleys
  • Real-life Dramatic Re-enactment Actor
  • Bingo Caller on speed
  • Monkey Translator
  • Half-Life Coach
  • Inaccurate Weather Reporter
  • Slow Motion Crash Test Dummy

What's your ultimate dream job?


  1. I think you should totally be Master of the Universe.

    I would like to be a bad-ass, uber-hot superhero.


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