Fat Lady...You're Wanted on Stage

"It's not over till the fat lady sings"

Well...she came a singin' bright and early Saturday morning marking the beginning of the end of chemical pregnancy number three. I knew this was coming, I knew the beta spelled trouble, I knew deep down in my heart...but it still caught me off guard. There was sadness and heart wrenching despair but there were no tears....I refused to give infertility one more tear. I was feeling angry and defiant. 

I'll admit though, a little corner of my heart and soul couldn't help but ask...why? 

But at the same time I feel as if I need to stop asking why me and just move on. Moving on though...in my experience...always easier said than done.

I haven't and don't have an appointment to see my RE but I do have an appointment to repeat Day 3 - E2, LH and FSH along with my thyroid level and on Day 5 we'll repeat the ultrasound to check AFC. I've been taking DHEA and CoQ10 for 6 months. These two things combined will tell us if it's been making a difference. Will my FSH be lower? Will my AFC be better? 

We shall see.


  1. I hope you see some differences on your levels. Have you considered doing a cycle or so of Femara with just TI? I know out of all the drugs we took, the Femara ended up getting me pregnant twice. Maybe something to consider? Thinking of you.

  2. Ugh.I'm so sorry to read this, as if you hadn't been through enough of a roller coaster already. No matter how much we 'expect' the worst, it doesn't really change how much it hurts. Thinking of you and sending strength as you move forward.

  3. Ug. Study singing fat lady :( I hope you get answers to your questions.

  4. That darn fat lady gets me every time :( So sorry.

  5. My RE also recommended with Coq10 myo inositol and melatonin. There have been some studies that state the combo of these 3 increases egg quality.

    I think crying and infertility go hand in hand. It sucks and it's so difficult to explain the pain to those who don't get it.

  6. I am so bloody pissed on your behalf with the universe right now. And I am so very sorry lady. I wanted this for you so badly.


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