Kindness of Strangers

I wanted to take the time to thank the kind girl at the mall who held the broken bathroom door stall closed for me. That was really cool of you. I hope I find you one day so I can thank you. You heard my tipsy fearful voice asking, “Uh oh, does this even lock?” and you said, “I got it” and got you did. You held that door while I peed, asking no questions or for anything in return. Then I said, “Okay I'm done” and thanked you and you left. I didn't even see your face. 

The word "hero" is thrown around a lot but I don’t think it’s any exaggeration when I say that what you did for me last night was the greatest act of heroism that anyone has ever done anywhere.

Thank you, kind stranger. May karma repay you in full.


  1. Where was that person when I used the bathroom at hospital and the guy walked in on me. Both our faces turned red. I apologized and told him the door wouldn't lock and I had to pee bad.

  2. Ha! This is fantastic! It's the little things in life that make it so sweet, isn't it? :)

  3. This reminds of the "Missed Connection" section of the independent news papers. As in "You were the girl with the leopard thong and red mascara. I was the one with the poetry book and secret smile. I wish we had connected..."


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