I Propose A Question To The Aliens

Dear Ancient Aliens,

So at work yesterday a co-worker and I were talking about the Bermuda Triangle...why? No idea...anyway, one thing led to another and he started talking about some mysterious place in Mexico called the "Zone of Silence" and the next thing I know...drafting that purchase order and proofing that magazine is on hold and we are Netflix-ing this documentary on you guys (I’ll explain Netflix to you later, you aliens are so ancient I bet you don’t even know what a computer is!) and holy moly, you guys are crazy! Now, I know I say that to a lot of people that I write letters to but this time, I mean it!

Why, look at all the crazy stuff you ancient aliens did! You built pyramids and you traveled through wormholes through portals made of rock on mountainsides in Peru and were all like, "Hey people, We’re Gods. Suck it!" and dumped some other rocks to tell time in Stonehenge and you could even be our ancestors – like maybe, as one of the "historians" in the documentary said, you guys were the first humans and we were the new humans and you taught us stuff but maybe also some of you stuck around to make sure we did things right. Which explains a lot about certain people (I'm not naming names) but also makes me wonder a few things about the originality of the storyline for Battlestar Galactica – and if you have not watched BSG then you need to Netflix it, ASAP. Netflix!

Netflix is this nifty system on the computer or streaming mobile device or gaming console where you just watch stuff.

I hope you ancient aliens get what I’m trying to say here. Truth be told, I find you a little bit scary to think of but mostly really cool and I’m also curious if you could pass along any info about unicorns and where they went and that kind of thing.

Alien Visitation by Leash Free Art via Etsy


  1. I'm more of a Doctor Who fan myself. Loved catching up on it via Netflix.


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