(Late) Weekend Recap in Pictures

Saturday morning wine bottling. We may or may not have consumed more than a bottle of this  by the end of the weekend.
Food tour to St. Lawrence Market, Evergreen Brick Works, Kensington Market & The Distillery  District

A four course cheese dinner at Cheesewerks. Tina is just entering her cheese coma in this picture, mine soon followed
I made friends with a mime in Kensington Market...the conversation was very one sided

I met Rob & Michelle's perfectly beautiful 5 week old daughter Athena. She has the cutest little nose and mouth...perfection in a 10 pound package!
I acted a fool...as usual
My sister and I

 The weekend was just what I needed...I came home feeling calm and relaxed. Come on life...bring it!


  1. A CHEESE DINNER!?!?! OMG. Stop. Also- love the name Athena!! Despite living in Athens, I've never heard of anyone naming their daughter that! Maybe it'd be a little too obvious living here? Still. Very cute.

  2. You have such an amazing spirit and presence about yourself Janet. I just love following you and I love that you have fun regardless. LIke that saying " dance like no one is watching". That reminds me of you in so many ways.

  3. Love your pictures! You look so pretty on your red top. And if I may say, that baby suits you so well. I want to see a picture like that with a baby that's yours VERY soon. xo

  4. You DID need that. Wine and cheese and foolishness? How wonderful. I think traveling is the best cure for most things.

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend! Love your pictures :)

  6. Sounds like an amazing weekend. You really are an amazing and resilient person to keep on smiling through it all. I'm impressed!

  7. How fun!! Love all the pictures! Keep smiling! :)

  8. Lovely photos! When I was a poor student my friends and I used to go to St Lawrence Market for 'brunch' (i.e. touring our way around the building and grabbing freebie samples at each stall) on a regular basis. Ah, the memories...

    Glad you had such a blast! You and your sister look so much alike!

  9. What an awesome weekend! I LOVE your red paisley top/dress!! It is beautiful on you! Yum to the wine and Cheesewerks!! Athena is beautiful!


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