One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

You know what I think is weird? Fake doughnuts, also known as...plain doughnuts.
I mean you just stroll into a Tim Horton's (or a Dunkin Donuts for my american friends. P.S. they make the best vanilla chai latte) and you see all the different flavours and types...glazed, Boston cream, vanilla dip, apple fritter, maple, double chocolate glazed. And there...just sitting among all the wonderful flavours, acting like it belongs...there is plain. 

Right there, laying next to Boston cream in it's little tissue paper lined tray with walls of the silver tray surrounding it...just like the real ones. 

But it's not! It's not one of them. It has no frosting, no sprinkles, no glaze, no cream, fillings or toppings at all. It shouldn't even be called a doughnut, or a pastry of any kind. 
It's just a bagel...a bagel! 

Doughnut play food by Bees Felt Market via Etsy

P.S. Today is 1dpo


  1. I really want a doughnut now. Thanks Janet!

  2. I totally agree! However, I now blame my NEED for a donut on YOU!

  3. Haha this is crazy because Scott just got back with breakfast from Tim's I wanted a hashbrown and a decaf and instead got a decaf and a plain doughnut! Yuck!! I didn't even waste the calories on it! And your right it's not even a doughnut it's a damn bagel!

  4. Apple fritter or custard filled for me please!


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