Life Milestones

As we pass through the arc of life the old adage of “we are born, we grow old, etc…” is known to all. When we look at our own expected life milestones there are differences depending on the environment we grew up in. Typically some of the expected events in our lifetimes include; our first words, first day of school, first kiss/love, high school graduation, college graduation, first full-time job, first promotion, meeting our partner, getting engaged, getting married, buying your first home, having a child/children and so on as your children then repeat the milestones.

For the majority of individuals, these steps seem to flow with relative ease. However when you get stuck at one of these steps or one doesn’t happen in the timely manner that you prefer, everything else in your own life plan comes to an abrupt halt as well.

It appears to me that in our society there is a large emphasis on completing the majority of these life tasks. Included in this same emphasis is the overwhelming importance of having children and starting a family. While this is the grand wish of infertile couples, it only adds to the burden and headache of the current situation.

Infertility treatments can go on for years (we first saw an RE 3 years ago).  It is during these years that time seems to stop and all other milestones take a back seat. Life’s setbacks can occur at any time to anyone, but infertility hurts physically, emotionally and sometimes financially.

We always find ourselves asking the question, “When will we reach that milestone?”

P.S. Today is 8dpo. Spotting at 6dpo.


  1. I haven't been able to do any milestones in a timely fashion, other than meet, fall in love with, and marry my husband. It took me forever to graduate from college from lack of funds, it took us forever to be able to find and buy a house we liked, then it took 6 years of trying to have our first kid(s). And don't even talk to me about my career, because I'm 42 now and I'm just starting to get it back on track. I hate milestones! I wasn't even able to get my license until I was 21 (I had seizures when I was in HS and had to go 3 years min. w/o one before I could drive...bleh!).

  2. Agreed. We have been putting so many things since we started this. Next year is our ten year anniversary. I would love for us to go on a real holiday together but it seems unlikely.

  3. i love you honesty...always. you are amazing, janet! xoxox


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