(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Upside down baby JaAdam
I had a bit of a scare...slipped and fell on the ice in our driveway two nights ago and woke up to some bleeding yesterday morning. Freaked me the freak out! Called the OB and they had me come in for an ultrasound this morning. Baby was having an upside down snooze but looked good, heart beating away. No sign of any bleeding...whew! 

Baby measured 7.5 cm at 13 weeks 6 days. Does anyone know if this is normal? 


  1. Yikes! Sorry you had that scare, but glad baby looked happy and undeterred in his/her napping in there once you got a peek :) I think 7.5 cm is just about right where s/he should be!

  2. Scary! I really don't know what normal measurments are, but if they weren't concerned then you shouldn't be. I know that's easier said then done because I struggle taking their word sometimes too. :)

    My babies like to nap in that position too. So cute. :)


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