Tomorrow, Tomorrow

The sun'll come out tomorrow...

That's what I'm telling myself. Trying to stay in a positive frame of mind. 

Tomorrow morning we have out NT scan at 11 weeks 6 days and I would be lying if I said I was feeling completely stress free. In fact, I'm feeling quite stressed about it. This pregnancy hasn't been without it's stress and I'm 38 now. Adam and I have been, on more then one occasion, on the bad side of the numbers. BUT...those day are done I tell myself. I've had zero spotting since 9 weeks. I locate baby's heartbeat easily with the Doppler. Baby has looked great at every ultrasound. 

Ultrasound 10 weeks 4 days - There is a baby in there with arms and legs and stuff

The sun'll come out tomorrow. 


  1. I just know things will go well tomorrow! I can't wait to hear :)

  2. It will go great! And remember that the NT scan isn't super accurate. My doctor doesn't even do it he just does the materniT21 blood testing. I can't wait to see new pictures and hear how it goes! I am 38 as well so I understand your concern.

  3. Oh wow. I can totally understand being so nervous...but LOOK AT THAT CUTE TINY BABY!!!!! Hoping you get lots more good news and cuteness tomorrow, friend.

  4. Totally understand the fear! I remember sitting listening to the boys' heartbeats still being terrified for our ultrasound the following day. We all have our fair share of crazy while pregnant after a hefty infertility resume! I hope tomorrow is awesome- I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. It's hard not to let the worry creep in...sending you positive vibes, sunshine, and best wishes for tomorrow!

  6. It's hard not to worry, I know. I will be sending you lots of good vibes today :)


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