Although Adam and I had decided that we would continue to cycle with our current clinic we still had an appointment booked to see a Dr. at the Ottawa Fertility Centre. We decided to keep that appointment in the hopes that perhaps a new set of eyes and ears could be beneficial. This morning we had that appointment. I really liked the clinic, I really liked the staff and I really did like the Dr. that we saw. But....

I left feeling very confused. Basically he didn't agree with anything that my current RE has set up for FET #2. It was suggested that I do a Natural FET Cycle. To do this I need to have a mock trial cycle next month and if I pass I can move onto the actual cycle the next month...but...they shut down for Christmas so there is no way that I would be able to cycle before the New Year. If all the stars aligned, I would cycle in January. If I fail that mock cycle, I would have to do another mock cycle. If I failed that would then be onto a medicated FET cycle - which is the one that my current RE has me on.

Dr L. also disagreed with using Medrol and I'm not too sure how I feel about this. I was hoping that perhaps the Medrol could give us that extra wee little boost for success. If we cycle with OFC, I will not be prescribed Medrol.

I was supposed to take my Lupron Depot injection last night. We were able to delay the Lupron Depot shot by one day but one day only...we need to decide tonight what we are going to do. Stay with our current clinic and cycle now and transfer in December or switch to the Ottawa Fertility Centre, mock cycle next month and hope to cycle again in January. I am so confused...the tears have been flowing.

Has anyone done a Nautral FET?

 Thoughts, suggestions and opinions are appreciated. What would you do?

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  1. Hmmm - I have only done the ovulation suppressed cycle. I was under the impression that both have very similar results. I think CCRM likes doing the Lupron on patients that are cycling from out of state because you have more control over suppressing ovulation. I was on Medrol for 4 or 5 nights prior to my FET and I guess it helped out. I wish I knew more . This blogger could probably help you out:

  2. I did a natural FET with progesterone when I fell pregnant (but sadly miscarried due to NK cells) I know of many women that have fallen pregnant on natural FET cycles. Perhaps you should do this last cycle with your current FS and then if it doesn't work you can move to a new FS with openness. Good luck sweetie.

  3. I am sorry today left you with much confusion my friend. I am sending you calming vibes!! huggles!

  4. I guess I am not sure what a 'natural' cycle is - on my FET I was doing 4 estrogen patches every other day and progesterone shots. My RE is also against Medrol but my previous RE uses it with all his patients. I also took antibiotics for 5 days before the transfer. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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