Time For A Change?

It's now been a few days since my BFN and I'm doing okay...I guess. This one has hit me a lot harder because to be honest, I really wasn't expecting it. I felt very differently this cycle than I did in my fresh cycle...I was convinced I was pregnant...I was wrong!

After much discussion between Adam and I, we are considering transferring our remaining four frozen embryos to a clinic here in Ottawa. There are a number of reasons why....but anger seems to still be at the top of my list...let me explain. In August I received my BFN via email...yes email. I asked my nurse to please call in addition to emailing me...she never called. This BFN was also received via email...this was after asking her to please call and after her confirming that she would do so. There is just something sad about being at home alone and getting the news in the least personal way. Maybe that's just me. Perhaps others would rather get the news over email?

Fresh cycle my follow up with my RE was over the phone (he's 5 hours away). I was asking lots of questions that he didn't seem to have the answers to because he finally admitted that he did not have my chart in front of him. Fast forward to my call with him on Friday...same thing. How can he discuss my failed cycle when he doesn't have my chart and doesn't remember anything about my cycle. 

It's all just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Information was always hard to get out of them, my nurse was never good at relaying information, we never once received a call from the embryologist...it was always vague and over email from our nurse.  It just seems to me that the whole experience could have and should have been different. I do believe it's time for a change. 



  1. I completely agree, it should/could have been different for you, especially if you asked for it to be. I think switching things up is a good idea, I can't imagine having a call/appointment about a failed cycle and NOT having your chart available to reference. I can't say that my doctor recalls EVERYTHING about my cycle without looking at my chart, but I don't think she would even walk into an appointment without at least giving it a good glance to prepare. I hope brighter things are on the horizon for you!

  2. Hi there -- I am so sorry to read that it didn't work out. So far I have been quite happy with my treatment and the level of communication from the Ottawa Fertility Centre. They always return calls, the nurses are quite attentive and I have liked all of the doctors that we have worked with.


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