Ghost & Gallows

Are you afraid of the dark?

We decided to have a little Halloween fun with a couple of friends of ours and headed downtown Ottawa for the "Ghost & Gallows" tour that spends a couple of hours touring the old haunted the dark!

Old Carleton County Jail
The Gallows
Do we look scared?
The Canal at night

Hope your Saturday was!


  1. Oh I did a walking tour years ago through the jail, what fun!

  2. I can handle scary books and movies, but I cannot handle haunted houses! A few years ago, my BFF and I were in Vegas and went to the wax museum. They have a haunted house within it. Holy crap was I freaked out. Didn't want to do it but my friend insisted. Scary!

  3. Ashley - it was fun but spooky!

    Kanis - LOL...I am a wimp when it comes to haunted houses too! Last year we went to Niagara Falls and Adam took me to a haunted house...I freaked out!


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