A Message

The messages of love and support that I have received have meant a great deal to me. To know that I am surrounded by such love, both here and in life...makes me feel very blessed, very lucky & very loved. You have all helped to ease the pain and for that I am Thankful.

Yesterday is gone, today is a new day and tomorrow will be better.


  1. You have such a great attitude about this. It's very inspiring. I am bracing myself for possible bad news next Thursday. It's so nervewracking to not know. In some way knowing something allows you to get on with the next plan, instead of being in limbo. Still, I am so sorry that this FET did not fulfill your dreams.

  2. I love your optimism. And while all the words of comfort do help, I hope you take the time to heal. I've found that even when I think I'm doing okay with all this infertility crap, something will catch me off guard and I crumble. Thinking of you.


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