"I" is for Insurance

  • The business of insuring persons or property 
  • Coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee against loss by a specified contingency or peril.
My definition of insurance
  • Fiasco
I have insurance...good insurance at that so you'd think that the process of dealing with my insurance would be easy. I made sure that I had car rental insurance as part of my policy so you'd think that would also be easy to deal with. The truth I'm discovering is quite the opposite and it's making an already stressful situation that much worse. 

Here's to hoping that Monday brings some much needed answers. In the meantime...

These Boots Were Made For Walking by Pica Prints via Etsy

I hope that your weekend has been stress free!


  1. Hi... here from Cyclesistas :) Sorry to hear about your accident... and dealing with insurance is such a niiiiiiightmare !! Thinking of you for your FET... I'm cycle day 9 today and great to be cycling with you :)) I have a private blog at newyearmum2.blogspot.com... email me on newyearmum@gmail.com or comment on my updater blog and I can send you an access link. FXd for you xoxo

  2. I'm so sorry for the car fight, Janet. Is it already fixed? I'm glad that you've got a good insurance provider with you amidst the incident. It's best to have someone to aid you financially in times of accidents. I hope you also have your lawyer by your side, especially when you filed a case against the offender. :)

    Tracy Pierre @ CraigSwapp.com


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