I was pretty sure that I had a UTI so off I went to the clinic. When I went in to “leave my sample” I forgot to lock the door - I'm sure you can see where this is going - So there I was  mid-stream when some woman comes barging in like she’s got some serious business to attend to. And of course I am trying to pee in a tiny little cup with a bladder more full than the Hoover Dam or perhaps Niagara Falls. Either way, I’m just trying not to pee all over myself when said lady breaks thru the door. I'm horrified and was expecting her to turn tail and flee out the door...cause that's what I what do! But no...she stares and then I’m all ummm, Hi I’m in here” and she just continues to stare. No words just stares. And I’m all Hellllllloooo! it’s the same as yours, stop staring and please, please get out! And then she stared some more. What?!? I was horrified. I'm sure that almost everyone would get the gist of what I was saying and grasp the levity of the situation. But not her. Noooo, she just stood there. I was actually a little worried that the pure sight of my woo-hoo gave her a stroke or something. So I’m like ok well you go ahead and stand there then. I’ll just finish up and be on may way. And I did… very quickly. As I walked out after washing my hands she just stood all statuesque and still and I’m still wondering if I should have had someone check on her to make sure my woo-hoo didn't zombify her!
eek burlap pillow by Aislinn Creations via Etsy


  1. LMAO what is wrong with that lady?? I can't believe she just stood there!

  2. Hi Bridget...I've been thinking about you! You must be so excited!!


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