A Renaming

The phrase “crack of dawn” is an ugly one. It has always reminded me of another infamous crack, and not in a good way. It leads me to believe that the person who coined the phrase “crack of dawn” was not a morning person. No, if this person had been a morning person, she would have called it, “the first glorious hint of dawn.”

Crack of dawn? Crack? That’s a word that only a dawn hater would use. Just my opinion.

Anyway, I’m on a mission to give Dawn a better name. I want to call it something more pleasant, something like Kiss of Dawn. I really like that. First, it rhymes with bliss. Second, dawns are pink, and a kiss could be pink (I think). Cracks are definitely not pink. Third, isn’t it more pleasant to wake to a kiss than a crack? Who wants to wake up to crack? Who? Not me! 

This morning, I just so happened to be awake at the Kiss of Dawn. (See? Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) Please note that I did not rise early for any truly Zen reason. It wasn’t to meditate. It wasn’t to experience the sunrise, and it certainly wasn’t because my body clock happened to ring loudly at that moment, rousing me from the wonders of sleep that I never seem to get enough of. It was because I somehow managed to hurt my neck, shoulder and back while sleeping Saturday night. How? I have no idea. Adam says it's because I went to bed angry. Anyway...that's what woke me early. I was awake and in pain so why not get up early and get a start on my day. 

I must say...it wasn't all bad and I might try it again tomorrow...might...

Sunrise Crack O'Dawn by Dan Osterman Art via Etsy

Are you a night owl or a morning person?


  1. Definitely a morning person... I crash with tiredness by 8:30/9 each night and love getting up early to get things done in the morning !! Crazy I know :( Thinking of you xoxo


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