I think a child just might have the best observation skills around.

When we're born into this world, everything is fresh, new, unfamiliar, and most of all, uncomfortable.

By sheer instinct babies react to anything they're not comfortable with. They're on high alert for just about anything, albeit their mother's embrace. All too often when I see babies, or even young children, their eyes are wide, alert, and darting. It is this unfamiliarity, this sense of fresh exposure, that allow their traveling eyes to capture their surroundings.

As we grow, antiquity and familiarity moss over the world, like a veil of dust. Our eyes droop...we look at our feet...and the child-like shine we once had disappears. And perhaps only returns every once in a while we play tourist.

As much as I strive to observe, I...
grow bored,
grow tired,
grow old.

We attempt to observe the usual in unusual ways, but might fail to re-capture the freshness, magic, and enchantment little children all too plausibly see everyday.
As children, we observe what we genuinely want to, what we need to. As we become old, it is likely we observe what we think we want to,what we think we need to.

Let's not grow too fast. Let's all take the stop to and observe like we used to. 


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