By The Numbers

It’s time to play “by the numbers,” an equation of types for reviewing your week. This is a fancy way of saying that Math + blogging = quick post. Much liketired Janet + stress = someone locks themselves in the bathroom and sobs.

Here, then, is my week by the numbers.

15: Times I yelled, “Are you kidding me!”

38: Invoices I sent.

2: Locked myself in the bathroom and had a good cry.

1: Pair of new glasses.

12: People who asked me "Is that purple in your hair?". The answer is Yes!

112: Animal facts the strange delivery guy shared with me.

7: Hours sleep I lost from wearing a Holter moniter. I hate that thing.

3: Used the bathroom and found there was no toilet paper.

1: Used bandaid I peeled off the bottom of my shoe. Ewww!

7: Times I asked, “Are you making more work for or less work for me?”

2: Had Lucky Charms for dinner. They are magically delicious!

1: Dropped a full, open bag of milk on the floor.

8: Dog poo poo or bags filled with poo poo left on the street/grass. Come on people!

3: Times I jumped on our backyard trampoline until I thought I was going to hurl.

4: Episodes watched of "River Monsters". I love Jeremy Wade.

4: Strangers laughing at me as I run with my headphones on, singing out loud.

0: Feeling sorry for myself.

1,000 +: Thankful and blessed that I have the life that I do. 

How has your week been, by the numbers?


  1. Ha ha! I especially like the one of you running singing out loud?! Freak!! But I like you ;) V.


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