Funsies, Rants & Surviving

Just for funsies, somebody please explain to me why there's Christmas stuff in stores and it isn't Halloween yet. And for even more funsies, somebody please explain why I bought an advent calendar from one of those Christmas displays, while simultaneously appalled that it was out in the first place and yet so smitten with this particular wooden calendar I had to buy it, thereby inadvertently answering my own question regarding the presence of those displays...they are out because asshats like me buy things from them, in October, if they're cute enough (the things, not the asshats). 
*I don't even like advent calendars*

I have a rant (about something...that I'll tell you about soon) that’s gonna knock your socks off. What a stupid clich√©. I mean who wants their socks knocked off? How does that even work? Maybe a hat. Or a cardigan. But socks? Everybody knows socks require pulling down and over the heel, so by definition they can’t be "knocked off." Oh wait. Maybe that’s the point. Weird.

People, I'm losing it, and not because of haphazard advent calendar purchasing or sock removal questions. I'm in the middle of an insane period at work, infertility is on my mind and seriously messing with my heart and soul, I've committed to more social gatherings than I should have and it's become abundantly clear that I bit off more than I can I guess I'm more "choking" than "losing it" but why get caught up in details?. 

Every day feels like a small miracle because I survived. I'll take it (for now) but what I really want...


  1. Totally agree on the weirdness of Christmas items in October. Gah. But not judging your Advent calendar purchase. ;) I hate the seasons of life that feel like surviving/choking. I totally relate. I hope you pass through soon.

  2. But I love Advent calendars! I've actually been looking at them on Pintrest the past two days. Whoops! I can't wait for Christmas but would really appreciate not seeing everything out in stores until November 1, plzkthx!

  3. Sorry there is so much going on, in terms of scheduling and emotional processing stuff. It sounds like you NEEDED the advent calendar. Advent calendars are great!! I loved the ones with chocolate in them when I was six. Ha.

  4. Yes. Happy would be nice. And, I had a similar rant this morning when I looked through my Pottery Barn catalog that came yesterday and it was full of CHRISTMAS TREES! And STOCKINGS! What the hell happened to Halloween? Or even Thanksgiving? Should I have started putting up my Halloween decorations in July so that I could fully enjoy the season before it became Christmas the first day of Fall? Argh. You are hilarious, and I feel like you write things that I have rattling around in my head, too! I hope the happy comes soon. And don't feel bad about canceling some of those social events. I am totally crapping out on a bookclub meeting on Tuesday, and I feel bad, but I just can't be a normal person right now who can drink wine and eat appetizers and discuss a book about the advent of Hitler that I didn't finish because who wants to read about Hitler when surely you're pregnant? :) So I crap out on stuff. (Because I can't say no in the first place, which would surely be easier). Be kind to yourself, whatever that looks like. Take care!


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