For The Love Of French Fries

It's lunch time. I'm hungry. I did not bring a lunch today. There is fry truck around the corner. Here are some things I could do with my french fries I am about to go and get...

  • Eat them like a French poodle.
  • Tape them under your nose, so that you look French.
  • Make the Eiffel Tower out of them.
  • Play 52 Pick Up.
  • Toss them at mimes.
  • Have a sword-fight.
  • Dip them in wine.
  • Put an abnormally large amount of French Fries in your mouth and attempt to say "Bonjour!"
  • Use them as band-aids and put them on boo boos. 
  • Paint a picture of the Louvre using a french fry as a paintbrush.
  • Use them for acupuncture.
  • See how long you can have a French Fry in your nose before you get tempted to eat it.
  • Hand them out to French artists in the park.
  • Use them as darts and throw them at a target.
  • Make a French robot.
  • Disguise them as French bread.
  • Wear them on your head like a beret.

If you have any other brilliant ideas of ludicrous things to do with French Fries, or would just like someone to talk to, feel free to comment below. 


  1. I would like to dip them in Helmanns mayo and eat them!


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