Dear Persimmons,

Hi. This is awkward because I don’t actually know anything about you but here is my ode to you even though I think you could maybe be a yellow pepper. Are you a yellow pepper?

No seriously, what is a persimmon? I think you are an apple but maybe also a tomato? So I guess you are a fruit. And are you related to the pomegranate? (The pomegranate is a fruit, right? I just think of it as a juice or something that stains everything or like something this weird girl I knew in elementary school used to eat everyday when no one would be eating pomegranate because what elementary school-aged child is willingly eating fruit on a regular basis?). Do you taste like a pomegranate because those are okay. Very messy.

I feel like the persimmon is one of those old timey ancient fruits that people in Greece would eat to improve fertility or make someone fall in love with them or give them the ability to shoot lightning bolts from their hands or to make friends with tiny baby angels (my understanding of Ancient Greece is that it was just like that one segment of Fantasia with the centaurs and the cherubs — you know, Beethoven’s “Pastoral Symphony?”) or like the kind of food item that the scary dude in Lord of the Rings would bite into whilst a hobbit sang a song about wars and death and stuff and the persimmon juice would just run all down his chin while everyone else stayed hungry. 

And persimmons maybe also a seasonal fruit because it’s the fall season right now and I just thought of the seasonal things we eat and drink this time of year and for some reason you popped into my head because you are orange. But that is maybe because you are also one of my favorite colors right now and I would very much enjoy a persimmon colored cable knit sweater...please and thank you.

Warm regards,
Janet Off Kilter


  1. I have eaten persimmons before and they are delicious. It is a fruit. We cut it into little slices, kind of like an orange or apple, but the texture was different...I can't remember exactly what it was like, but I thought it was delicious. I think we didn't eat the peel. This was like 3 years ago. You would think I would remember better, but all I remember is that overall I thought they were great and then I've never had one since.

  2. The one cool thing about them is the fork, knife, spoon shapes. We had a persimmon tree when I was younger and would sit out there for hours breaking them open to see what shape was on the inside.

  3. I, too, have been curious about these little guys. They look like tomatoes, which immediately turns me off, but they are supposed to be sweet and delicious. Hrm... Maybe 2013 is the year to try them!


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