A Very Special Message

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 40, and you get even more beautiful with each passing year. You are truly the most loving, thoughtful, selfless, compassionate, caring, giving, amazing woman that this world has ever seen. You make me want to be a better woman. You constantly amaze me in the ways that you care for others before yourself.

Because I don’t tell you "thank you" enough, I wanted to list a few of the things for which I am so grateful...

For sticking with me through those hellacious teenage years that I was horrible to you. For forgiving me in all the ways I hurt you and for not holding them against me. For believing in me and encouraging me when no one else did. For believing the best in me, even when I was at my worst. For supporting my “crazy” dreams, and not just standing behind me in my decisions, but standing beside me, holding my hand every step of the way. For bearing with me through all of the times I thought I knew better. For helping pay my bills when all hope seemed lost. For always putting others before yourself. For standing up for us when people hurt us. For treating Adam as your own son, and loving him just as much. For dropping whatever you are doing no matter how important- if one of us needs you.  Always thinking of ways to make me happy. For telling me I am beautiful. For believing that I am beautiful.

For everything you do for me and mine, thank you. I love you so very much. Words cannot adequately even begin to touch it. I respect you, admire you, look up to you, and adore you. I am so very grateful you are my mother, and I love you deeply.

Happiest of birthdays...may this year be your best one yet.

your daughter Janet

Mother and Daughters


  1. What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

  2. So sweet. :-) Happy birthday to your wonderful mom!


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