Fancy, Smancy

If Morgan Freeman narrated my life, would it sound fancier? Cause Lord knows I really need all the help I can get! Otherwise, they might hire someone like Jeff Foxworthy. I prefer Dane Cook though… just cuz that would be much more fun!…in case anyone cares…??!?!

My life this weekend has been anything but fancy. It's Sunday evening and I have yet make it out of my pajama's! I almost felt bad about it but then I remembered that at 7:30 tomorrow morning I have a date with Mr. Dildo I am going to relax and enjoy my lazy day! 

Last FET my lining at the first ultrasound was a little on the thin side and our transfer was pushed back a week. I'm really hoping that doesn't happen this time. While I'm not looking forward to my Monday morning violation, I am curious as to what's going on in there. Did I tell you that Steve Martin looks at my hoo-ha?

Well sort of.  The doctor that does my satellite monitoring looks just like him so therefore it’s basically the same exact thing! Cool huh. Except my doctor’s sense of humor is probably a little less raunchy than Steve’s and he definitely takes himself too seriously. So instead of feeling guilty and lazy I'm going to relax and enjoy my pajama Sunday cause Monday will be here all too soon!

Relax by Green Sleeves via Etsy

How was your weekend?


  1. Hope your date goes well tomorrow morning! I love super lazy Sundays.

  2. Thinking of you for your scan... hope your lining is beautiful and thick :)) xoxo

  3. Sounds like a lovely Sunday in pajama =) Hope the scan gives you good news for moving forward.


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