Mental Break

*Sigh* I really wasn't ready for my weekend in Toronto to be over. It was the mental break that I really, really need even more so than I even realized but here I my desk on a cold Monday morning. Clearly, Saturday and Sunday didn't get the memo that they were supposed to stay a little longer. 

My weekend was filled with laughter & tears, walking & biking, dinner & drinks, shopping & crowds but best of all...much love & friendship. I really do have the best friends and it was amazing to see everyone. I'm already planning my next weekend getaway and yes, I'll once again be taking the train and this is one of the reasons why...

Union Station in downtown Toronto...I love it!
This weekend was also my first adventure on a BIXI Bike and while fun it was also terrifying for a girl from the burbs who hasn't ridden a bike in many moons. I was happy to come away from that experience with all of my limbs and head still attached to me soft muffiny body!

We also braved the Christmas shopping crowds at the Eaton Centre. The Christmas decorations were stunning...the hordes of holiday shoppers...argh!

By far the best thing about Toronto are the many interesting people and for a people watcher like me...jackpot! I could have spent hours on the city streets just watching...

I LOVED this guy!

How was your weekend?


  1. Beautiful train station! And those decorations would definitely get me in the Christmas spirit. :)

  2. What a pretty tree! Glad you had a good trip :)

  3. love the eaton centre at christmas time! glad you had a nice weekend, they never last long enough.

  4. We loved seeing you this weekend. Monday sucks!


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