Cookie Madness

I’m not sure I should admit this. Actually I know I shouldn’t… But I’m going to because I tell on myself all the time anyway.

I went for a walk yesterday – car still broken – I went to get two things: cheese and pizza dough. Which actually means I went for three things right? Cheese, pizza dough and more sugar cookies. So I get there, grab my cheese and pizza dough and then headed to the bakery section to pick up my cookies…. *GASP* They have no frosted, sugary pillows of goodness. No! This can’t be. I walk around the store for a while looking lost. Which apparently means that each and every Loblaws employee must ask me if I need help. Of course I need help…Helllllo!! “Don’t you have my cookies?” I ask the nice young lady behind the counter.

Not only does she not know what I’m talking about she tries to sell me some other cookies that are not, not, not the same. Look. I’m on a mish here and I only want “My Cookies” and if you can’t provide those please get me someone who can! Needless to say, my 5 minute quick-stop at the store for cheese and pizza dough turned into an hour-long fiasco. and in the end, I ended up with cheese, pizza dough and a store full of people starting at me like I’m a crazy person .

 I need those cookies and I need them now!

*Sigh* Perhaps they will have them tomorrow.

Sugar cookie with sprinkles by Mouth Watering Morsels via Etsy


  1. Such a disappointment... similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago and it completely ruined my day :( Hope they come in tomorrow xoxo

  2. Sparky - Yes, yes I do!

    Ski Dude - They are pretty yummy!!

    New Year Mum - What was it that you were craving a few weeks ago? I do hope they have some today!


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