Mmmmm Muffin

It’s not secret that since starting IVF treatments in June I’ve been “gifted” with a few extra pounds around the middle. I always knew what “muffin top” was but seeing as it was never something I had, I simply didn’t notice it on others. I guess the same way that before trying to fill my broken uterus, I didn’t pay attention to babies or pregnant women but what I have discovered is that they are everywhere! Now, I cannot help but notice that the amount of “muffin tops” I encounter in a day has grown exponentially. For those of you unclear on the meaning of the term , “muffin tops” have replaced what we used to call ” love handles.” They are everywhere, on people of all ages, and no longer gender specific. I cannot help but feel torn when encountering a “muffin top” of considerable size. I never know if I should applaud the owner of the “top” for having the courage to let it all hang out, or offer them a sweater.

Since being "gigted" I go to incredible lengths to conceal my “wobbly bits” and “muffin top”, multiply that with a vast array of other imperfections I would rather not put on display, and I pray it all equals a person who does not resemble a football player in Barbie’s clothing. I have sucked myself into more girdles, spanxes, and form correcting tank tops in the past six months than I care to recollect, all in an effort to save myself some unnecessary humiliation and some awkward stares. Am I the only person who thinks like me, or have people just stopped giving a damn?

What's the point of this you may be asking yourself...Well I don't really have a point but it did occur to me today while out shopping that high rise pants, jeans in particular, are rather hard to come by. Please someone tell me where I can buy a nice pair of high rise skinny jeans! 

'Muffin Pouffe' by Matteo Bianchi via Design Boom


  1. I'm with you on using all sorts of concealing 'under-garments'... they're great :)) Sorry - I don't have any suggestions re jeans... I haven't bought any for ages and live in Australia, so not much help :( Hopefully our muffin tops will be for a good reason soon :)) xoxo


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