Resistance Is Futile

Today I was on a mission!

My last trip to the grocery store ended in failure. Failue was not an option this time. I'm happy to report that this mission was a resounding sucess. I resisted, I really did but what I discovered is that resistance is futile. I'm not afraid to admit that these ten little sugary cookies have such power over me.

Can you blame me?

In my defense...I did walk eleven kilometeres this evening in prepartion for "Operation Cookie"

That's a "I'm gonna have me some cookies" kind of smile!

Was your weekend "Sweet"?


  1. Went climbing with Sparky and sent a very stubborn project - Saweeeeeeeet

  2. Yummm.... I can see the reasons behind your addiction. :)

  3. mmmmmm cookies. I had brownies last night (and I didn't even walk) oops.


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