Sheets & Giggles

Bright and early this morning I was up and off to the clinic for my ultrasound. As usual, there was a sheet on the exam table. The idea is to drape it modestly over your lower half while you're being examined.
I got undressed, picked up the sheet and prepared to swaddle it around my hips like a stylish sarong. But when I unfolded the sheet I saw that it had a gigantic head-sized hole in the middle!
It seems that on the weekends there's no laundry service, so the clinic quickly runs through its supply of sheets. By Monday morning, they have to resort to giving patients gowns to cover up with instead, the kind that function as a scratchy cotton poncho, entirely open at the sides, with no ties or snaps to close the garment.
It was early, I was about to be violated by the dilo cam for the hundredth time but I somehow managed to find the humor in this and could not stop giggling. The doctor came back into the room to find me red faced in a fit of giggles. 
Ultrasound showed that my endometrium thickness is 8.9 mm with a triple stripe pattern. Good news. 
I'll hear back from the clinic later today on when to start my progesterone and Medrol but we are getting close!
Today I feel positive.
Okay Positivity by The Anti Bride via Etsy


  1. This is hilarious. You can't exactly cover yourself modestly when the sheet has a gaping hole :) It sounds like your cycle is moving right along like a freight train! It won't be long now!

  2. yay!!! next time you will need to byo your own sheet!!

  3. I was dying reading/picturing this... Too funny!!! Thanks a million for the fun package I found on my doorstep- love it!!!!


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