Friday. BBQ. Ketchup. Boobs

Friday work BBQ. 

Choices -  Salads. Sausages. BBQ Chicken.Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thank you.

Oh, what's that? Hamburgers. Slight char. Perfect.

Stack of Swiss cheese. Makes it healthy? Okay!

Yum. Burger. Cheese. Bun.


Drop of ketchup.

Big one.


Bigger than a quarter? Oh, yes,

On. My. White. Blouse.

Why, Why?

Don't look down. 



Look around. Co-worker noticed.

Run to kitchen. All alone. Good.

Woman walks in. Who is she? I haven't seen her before.

"Oh, ketchup on the boobs...happens to me all the time," she says.

Walks out.

Mental note - Like strange woman.

Whisk off glistening red bubble with a practiced hand.

What's left: red stain. Huge.

Feel faint.

Can't leave. Too early. Rumor there is cake.

Sponge. Damp. Blot.

Blot again.

Stain now pink.

Still bad.

Sunglasses! Position over stain. Hide.

Doesn't work.

Blot more. Cold water. Too cheap to buy Tide bleach pen. Looked good on TV.

Should have. If survive this, will purchase.

Stain better. Not gone. 

Leave kitchen. Return to BBQ.

Announce to co-workers (and strange lady I've never seen before) - have eaten hamburger.Laugh. 

Press guy drops an opened bottle of Pepsi. Drops bottle. Soaks co-workers.

People wet. Laughter. Stain? Forgotten.

Good BBQ lunch.
Ketchup by Lyons Editions via Etsy


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