The Horror

Disclaimer: If you are a supermodel in a bikini and never had body images at the beach - please skip this blog - it's not for you.

Ahhh yes, bathing suit season is here. In my opinion, when I hear the word bikini, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight, the anxiety makes my stomach churn, the thought of it makes me gaggy, I break out into a cold sweat and my knees shake.

Last night I was out with a friend to see Wicked. Aamaze-balls!

Anyway...after dinner and before the show we had some time to kill so we wandered over to the mall and had a stroll around. I have been on the lookout for a cute black blouse to match a skirt I have and spotted something from the corner of my eye.

"Let's check this store out" I said to my lovely friend. 

Over we wander and's the top I have been looking for. At this point I am feeling pretty good about myself. Until....this...

The bikini wall of horror

To me...wearing a bikini is like parading around a beach in your bra and underwear made of a different material, right? So, who feels comfortable doing that? Maybe some...but the majority of us are all thinking the same thing. 
Is my butt hanging out?
Are my boobs symmetrical when I lie down on my beach towel?
Did I miss a spot shaving? Shit - I totally did!
Can you see my stretch marks?
Fat rolls?
Cottage Cheese?
Thigh dimples?

I try and tell myself to just forget it. Who the hell cares? Stop asking myself those questions. I mean, men parade on the beach - hairy, man boobs, shrinkage, you name you think they care? Most of the time - they don't. They put that shit out there loud and proud.

So -  I am going to go and have fun at the beach - enjoy my a one piece!


  1. I personally am a tankini girl. I honestly don't know the difference between a tankini and a one piece though. They both cover about the same about of body. Before our vacation to Mexico it took me like two months to find two acceptable bathing suits.

  2. I just bought myself a bathing suit. A one piece. And even though I have a big butt and cellulite to match, I actually felt pretty good in it. I'm not about to let other people's issues with my big butt prevent me from having an awesome time at the beach in Mexico!


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