Keep Arms & Legs Inside The Ride At All Times

I'm a Human Roller Coaster and You Probably Should Avoid This Ride.

I'm not good with words lately unless they're profanity-ridden and bitter. I should really wear a warning sign that says, "Tread carefully. If you get too close or blink incorrectly, the rage will commence." I know I need to get out of this funk, and pronto, but that's the thing with funks, you can't just turn them off with the snap of your fingers. Or, in my case, the flipping of the bird.

Adventure Roller Coaster Ride by Heather Conway Photography via Etsy

Tomorrow is a new day. Right?


  1. Wow that about sums up my moods since I started my lupron injections. I was so mad at my husband last night because I couldnt get the hose unscrewed, and it wasn't even his fault.

    You're right though, tomorrow is a new day :)


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