I'm A Professional

This morning I found myself facing one of the most challenging decisions I’ve made in a while. That’s right – I went to buy a new toothbrush.

Before you laugh, just consider what a complicated decision it has become to choose a new toothbrush. I spent several minutes pondering, bemused, in the Walmart aisle because I couldn't decide between green and purple, soft and firm, springy head or non-springy head, tongue cleaning or non-tongue cleaning.

What I found particularly funny, other than imagining the sight of me scratching my head in front of the toothbrushes, was some of the marketing on the toothbrush boxes themselves. For example, the toothbrush that I ended up buying (because it was on sale) was labelled as ‘professional’. Now, what exactly does that mean? Can I call myself a professional tooth brusher? There seems little justification for being awarded this title. Surely I should have attended a training course, passed an exam and been presented with a certificate before achieving such an important honour?

Having graciously accepted this title by agreeing to pay $5.95, I wonder whether it’s time for me to update my resume to include “professional tooth brusher?”.


  1. Haha thanks for the good laugh today!

  2. Been there! I was choosing a brush for my husband a couple months ago and felt so overwhelmed... then I remembered they are all generally the same and I picked up the one on sale :)

  3. doesn't your dentist give you a free one with every visit? don't think I have ever bought one (other than this one, which is totally awesome http://www.mec.ca/AST/ShopMEC/HikingCamping/HealthSafety/BathProducts/PRD~4016-661/aurelle-toob-travel-toothbrush.jsp)

  4. Love it... been there too :) Happy brushing :)) xoxo


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