Lately I find that I live my life disguised behind the mask of someone who knows what they’re doing. Calm, cool, collected. I've got it all. But this costume ball is wearing thin.

In reality...I collapse at the end of the day wondering what it would be like to run away. To disappear. To suddenly vanish. Would anyone notice? I've started dreaming about that. To escape.


  1. :(. If nothing else, I am glad you are pulling it off. I hope that this all ends soon and this calm, cool, collected mask is no longer a mask.

  2. I would notice if you disappear. Please don't. I love reading your blog. I have shared many of your experiences and sharing that indirectly through you and your blog keeps me sane!

  3. I would notice!!!! one day when you are ready to face the removal of the mask - so many things will unviel - and they will be good things

  4. Know how you feel... thinking of you behind the mask and sharing that space with you at the moment xoxo

  5. I would notice, but I have to say I feel the same way sometimes. I would kinda like a holiday from being me.


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