Advice Needed

Hello lovely peoples...I need advice, specifically TTC advice.  

Today I'm 6dpo *ovulated Cycle Day 12 instead of the usual 15-17 if the good ol' OPK's can be trusted (post for another day)* Anyway...this morning I woke up with incredible spasming back pain in my lower right back and it's gotten worse as my day has gone on. Why? What's it from? No idea! It wasn't there and then it was. 

Advice is needed in regards to what I can take to help ease my agony. I know that ibuprofen is a no no while pregnant so I am going to assume the same is true for the two week wait and I recall that during my IVF and FET that it was also a no no. What about Voltaren or some other such muscle rub? Tylenol hasn't helped at all and I'm feeling kind of desperate.

Advice anyone?


  1. When I was pregnant the first time I was told by my midwife that ibuprofin gel used topically was ok, so that might be worth trying. (It really does work for muscle pain!). I would also second a good bath soak that's specifically made for muscle/joint pain. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  2. I will go ahead and put this out there even though I know it is very controversial. Heating pad. I know you aren't suppose to use them after ivf etc. My doctor has always told me there is no studies out there that prove harm as long as your aren't using on uterus area. Sorry I am not very helpful. Tylenol doesn't do crap.

  3. I was going to suggest a heating pad as well, or maybe one of those ThermaCare things? Hope it feels better soon!

  4. If you are not willing to risk taking Ibuprofen, you should apply the same logic to Voltaren or any other topical and not use it for the same reason as why you won't take Ibuprofen. If your back is inflamed, use ice not heat (follow RICE as best you can.).

  5. i was going to say a hot bath or heating pad. though, i know that relief is sometimes very temporary. i'm sorry you're in so much pain. my friend sent me this awesome gift last year...the name of it alone cracks me up, but it words so well.
    it's called a "heatable hooty" LOL

    it works wonders. :)

    sending love and wishing you a pain-free night. xoxo

  6. No to the hot bath (warm would be okay) but yes to the heating pad. It's not on your tummy so you should be okay.

  7. I got pregnant a few months after abdominal surgery, so I know what you are going through. Prior to getting pregnant, the heating pad was my best friend, but I didn't want to bake the little critter. What worked best for me was taking good ole' fashioned aspirin. And massaging the area where it ached.


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