It's Biological Baby

Note...Going forward in this post, fart will be referred to as flatulence, its biological term.

It's human to be flatulent. Girls are human too. I was discussing this topic with a friend of mine the other day.

"Men don't like their girl to be human", she said.

Girls shouldn't burp. They shouldn't flatulate. They can't scratch their head or itch their thighs. They should have their arms and legs cleaned till the last hair has been pulled out and their eyebrows nicely arched. Only then they are humans. Rather, attractive humans.

If you flatulate and you are a girl, you are not an attractive human. But if you flatulate and you are a man, you are perfectly human...attractive or not is a different case here, but human none the less!

This issue of flatulence has been a grey area for lot of couples. Some are highly comfortable in breaking the wind in each other's presence, for others its a strict no-no! For some its a step towards increased intimacy, for others its a step back.

The way I see it, men please note...

  • It really needs effort to pretend not to be human.
  • She had the same baked beans for dinner and needs to flatulate as much as you do.
  • If she does, she does not become less attractive. Her hair is still in place, so is her make-up.
  • Let her feel free when she is around you rather than being a conscious bundle.
  • Either you laugh it off, telling her its perfectly fine, or use the golden rule of ignorance.
Are you in a relationship with someone with whom you can be your natural self?

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  1. Yes. This will sound totally immature and inappropriate, but I get upset if my husband has a louder and longer toot then me. Of course when we first met I didn't poop, burp, fart, etc.... LOL now we are married and he knows the real me and vice versa.

  2. haha! My husband would have divorced me a long time ago if he found my poots truly offensive. to be human is to poot.

  3. oh, i would totally just type the convo steve and i just had but it's a little bit tmi :) needless to say we have been farting in front of each other since the second week of dating. if i held my farts in front of him, i'd blow up! hahaha
    loved this post.
    wishing you a wonderful friday! xoxo

  4. Thank goodness my husband finds it human and downright amusing :) When your pregnant with twins, you get gassy...really gassy. And there was NO way that I was going to try and be delicate about it. But farting while you're having an ultrasound done? That's just plain embarrassing.

    I hope your husband gets to know the pleasure a pregnant woman with gas very shortly :)


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