Sing, Sing

Competition is everywhere. That's the world – winning and losing in the big game of life.

The video I'm about to show you was taken without my knowledge...

I noticed the video a few days later while flipping through my phone. Then the wheels starting turning.

Shall I take part in a competition? What are my chances? How do I control my nerves? What is the best repertoire? Do I convey the image a successful performer, a winning attitude? My best assets? A singer must find a solution to these questions.

What do we look for in a winning singer? 
  • great voice with personal timbre 
  • solid vocal technique 
  • musicality: sense of rhythm, clean intonation, good legato and phrasing 
  • total performer package with the look, physique and voice suitable for the part if you sing opera 
  • posture, poise and control of body movements
  • ability to sing with nervousness and in spite of it 
  • temperament and intelligence to interpret the text 
  • deep understanding of the character and/or poem 
  • soulfulness (this is seen in the eyes and face) 
  • sense of humor, wit and ability to react 
  • ability to tell a story and engage the audience 

Sadly...after viewing the video again and again and yet again, I discovered that my singing voice and ability meet none of the above requirements. 

Oh well...I guess I'll stick to rock climbing.

P.S. Today is 7dpo...ovulated early this cycle.


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